Monday, 25 June 2007

ubuntu 控制package是否升级


somebody said hold was a status flag to tell apt not to automatically
upgrade a package. apt will place packages on hold if they require
packages that are not currently installable; you can 'apt-get
install pkgname' to explicitly install the package. To put a package on
hold, 'echo pkgname hold | dpkg --set-selections' or use the '=' key on
the package in dselect, or 'echo pkgname install | dpkg
--set-selections' to remove the hold

我们说 hold ,其实是一个状态标志,目的是告诉 apt 停止自动升级某个包裹。

apt 将让一些包裹处于 hold 状态,如果他们请求的包裹现在不可安装;

你能够使用 ‘apt-get install pkgname' 来安装包裹。

为了让包裹置于 hold. 'echo pkgname hold | dpkg --set-selections ' 或在 dselect 中使用 '=' 键于对应的包裹。

移除 hold 用

'echo pkgname install | dpkg --set-selections'



"/" to search the package you want to operate,

"=" HOLD the version not updated in future.

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