Saturday, 13 June 2009

BUG: eclipse starts with empty dialog


sudo apt-get install xulrunner
( sudo yum reinstall xulrunner on fedora)

append to eclipse.ini


Thursday, 11 June 2009

BUG: Videos are twisted in Feodar 11 first week

Many users are already aware from coverage in the press that significant changes have recently been made to the driver for Intel graphics adapters (and the supporting code in Mesa/DRI and the kernel), and that these have caused some functionality regressions. If you are suffering from problems with an Intel graphics adapter such as failure of X to start at all, hangs or freezes or crashes in the graphical environment, display corruption, failure of 3D accelerated applications to work properly or similar problems, and your issue is not specifically covered elsewhere on this page, the following general advice may be of use.

1) Several such issues may be worked around by disabling kernel mode setting. To do this, add

as a kernel parameter. If this solves your problem, please check whether a bug has already been reported for it, and if not, file a new bug report on the xorg-x11-drv-intel component, explaining your symptoms, and providing all the usual information required for bug reports. In future kernel mode setting will be the only available method, and so we wish to ensure all problems caused by kernel mode setting are fixed.


2) when 'nomodeset' was appened in the kernel line, it seems some visualization functions were affected, such as mp4 files can not played and mp3 files can not played with MOVIE PLAYER, which use some visualization graphic when music is playing. The symptoms are same, the video/audio will be closed or you will be logged out directly.

To fix this, the video driver of VESA should replace the default INTEL driver in system-config-display.

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