Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Linux equivalent of application X

Gnome, Qt and other apps

KDE (Qt)Gnome (GTK)Other (Tk/Tcl, Wine, CLI)
File managersKonqueror, KrusaderNautilus, Gnome-CommanderRox, Midnight Commander
Office suitesKOfficeGnomeOffice (Abiword + Gnumeric)Openoffice.org, Siag Office
Text editorsKate, KWrite, KeditMousepad, GeditXedit, Emacs, vim
Image browsersKView, Gwenview, KuickshowGQView, gThumb, F-Spot, GtkSeePicasa
Graphics programsKivio, Karbon14GIMP, Sodipodi, Blender, InkscapeImagemagick
Multimedia appsVideo: Kaffeine, noatun, KMPlayer

Audio: amaroK, juK
Video: Totem, GXine, GMPlayer, VLC

Audio: Beep Media Player (bmp), Rhythmbox
Video: mplayer, xine

Audio: XMMS
CD/DVD burningK3BGnome Baker, Gnome Toaster, Serpentine (Audio CD)gcombust, XCDRoast, cdrecord, cdrdao
Internet browsersOpera, KonquerorMozilla Firefox, Mozilla Browser, Epiphany, GaleonDillo, Elinks
E-mail and newsgroups clientsKontact (KMail, KNode, aKregator), M2 (in Opera Browser)Mozilla Thunderbird, Novell Evolution, BalsaSylpheed Claws, Gnu Mail
Instant MessengersKopete (jabber, gg, icq, msn…), SkypeGaim (jabber, gg, icq, msn…), WengophoneaMSN, CenterICQ
Jabber clientsPsi, KopeteGajim, Kf, Gabber, Gossip, GaimTkabber, ekg2
P2PKMldonkey (emule, bittorrent, gnutella), Valknut (DC+), qtorrent, ktorrentaMule, Gnome BTdownloadmldonkey, LimeWire, Azureus, xMule

Other tables of equivalents

You may find at least two other tables of equivalents on the Internet. You may found our list just a brief summary of those lists. Our goal was to provide only the most popular choices. I you need more information, consult one of the following lists:

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