Sunday, 13 April 2008

Title bar for blogspot

1.Goto to pick up one style you fancy. Click it, of course, then.

2.There are two parts of codes come to you, one is the CSS codes used to feed BLOGGER DASHBOARD-LAYOUT-EDIT TEMPLATE.
Search "</head>", put the CSS codes just before that. Save the template.

From "Add a Page Element" select HTML/Javascript, feed those codes there without title. Save it.

4.You are almost there, but be careful in the step 2, because the CSS uses some images as button background, where relative url is used for the allocations of those images. Even if you hacked where those stored, namely absolute url, some time those images is not accessible. So my solution is use some photo album service, such as Picasaweb, which can provide absolute url of your photos. Then use this url to replace those relative ones in that CSS codes. Done.

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