Monday, 28 April 2008

Brand new Ubuntu 8.04 got polished

If you want to see more from latest Gnome 2.21 and Ubuntu 8.04, compared with KDE 4.0.3, you will be disappointed, no big difference, but everything seems get polished. This is the reason why I love it. KDE 4 is amazing, indeed, but you must be tolerant enough, because with tons of new features appear, far more than tons of bugs come as well.
For me, I'd love more and more polished stuff than brand new and buggy things.

Ok, so what's new for me, as a normal desktop user, I've played with it from first hour the Ubuntu 8.04 was official available, why I am sure it's the first hour? I was keeping refresh, I can not wait at that time after experienced alpha, beta and RC.

1) Gnome-Do is in the repositories. Its plugins also works very well just as stated on its web page, "stable". Now it's really can be an alternative to Mac's Quicksilver, and more powerful with support to plugins. These plugins can support twitter, and Remote Desktop Control, etc. Fantastic! within one tool, we can almost achieve all the jobs normally go through dozens of programs. And it's much much better than old style gnome-launch-box, which should be removed from repositories.

2) Samba is more mature. Now you do need worry about the path of the fold you want to share, or the permission things, on Ubuntu 10.4 and previous version, it's a pain to set up a samba file sharing server, permission things and Cross OS visiting will make you crazy, even all this can be done and have solution. But now much easier, even you want to share a folder, which not belongs you, it will prompt you how to modify smb.conf to make it work. And after setup, the shared folders can be accessed in the same easy way no matter what OS you are using.

3) ThunderBird is offically supported by Ubuntu. I'd really want to see this, Mozilla and Ubuntu are so close in the filed of Open Source Softeares. Compared with Evolution, ThunderBird is more flexible and extensible, same, with support to extentions like Gnome-Do, more and more I like things work in this way. For example, in Evolution to bi-synchronize Calendar is not available with bugs, but this has been a problem for almost 2 years. So I will go to ThunderBird definitely. And ThunderBird support IMAP so well.

4) Ubuntu can detect the temporature of your computer, if it's above 84C, it will shutdown. But if you restart it, no matter how hot, it seems not to be off, because it knows there is a human around it, no danger.

There are also a lot of updates and optimizations which we can see from everywhere. Above is just my feelings. So far so good.

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