Thursday, 3 April 2008

legally hide the blogger navbar

Here is a creative way to hide the blogger nav bar without actually removing it. This will allow you to operate your blog within the confines of blogger's terms of service. It is a simple javascript snippet, and can be implemented with only two or three lines of codes.

1 - Add this code to your BODY tag:

<body onload="document.location = document.location + '#top1'">
or <body onload='document.location = document.location' + '#top1'>

2 - Add this code in ABOVE your upper most visible element tag. This is usually the blog title tag.

<a name="top1"></a>

This will force an automatic scroll down the page JUST far enough to push the navbar out of visibility. There is an example of how i've implemented this:

I have a
<a class="definition" href="">billiard blog</a> which is the site you are now on. Allow the page to load fully, then you will see it "jump" just enough to hide the nav bar.

Hope you all find this tip to legally hide the blogger navbar useful

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