Thursday, 16 October 2008

HOWTO: yum equivalent function with apt-get

1. Find and review "lost" packages

You can find orphaned packages (ie packages not in the repositories anymore) with the tool package-cleanup from the yum-utils package: yum install yum-utils; package-cleanup --orphans.
Old packages with a failing "%postun" script will remain partly
installed. Remove them with rpm -e package-name-and-version. It's often
helpful to run this command after the update, too.

But here what 'package-cleanup --orphans' found out is the 'obsolete' ones in ubuntu words. Namely installed not from repositories.

2. Find yum install or update history


3. Find orphan packages
sudo package-cleanup --orphans

Note: Here 'package-cleanup' must run with sudo or su, otherwise lots of packages will be considered as orphans because of normal users don't know the relationship between packages and repositories.

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