Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Disappointed Ubuntu upgrade to 8.10 compared with Fedora 10

New features in Ubuntu 8.10:

  • Linux kernel 2.6.27
  • GNOME 2.24
  • Encrypted private directory
  • X.Org 7.4 (offering better support for keyboards, mice, and tablets)
  • Network Manager 0.7 (improved network management)
  • Dell’s DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module Support)
  • PAM authentication
  • BBC plugin for Totem (grab free shows from the BBC)
  • Guest session support.

New features in Fedora 10:
  • AMQP Infrastructure: A technology that makes it easy to build scalable, interoperable, high-performance enterprise application
  • Appliance Tools: Tools and meta-data that make it easier for anyone (ISVs, developers, OEMS, etc) to create and deploy virtual appliances
  • Artistic 1.0 License Removal: Remove all packages licensed under only the Artistic 1.0 license before Fedora 10
  • Better Printing
  • Better Remote Support
  • Better Start-up
  • Better Webcam Support
  • Connection Sharing: Enable adhoc network sharing
  • Echo Icon Theme
  • Eclipse 3.4: Rebase Eclipse to version 3.4
  • EFI
  • Evdev Input Driver
  • Faster Startup
  • First Aid Kit: First Aid Kit is an automated recovery tool that brings together common recovery processes and applies them to a system
  • Glitch Free Audio: Rewrite the PulseAudio sound server to use timer-based audio scheduling
  • Gnome 2.24: Re-base Fedora to Gnome 2.24
  • GStreamer RPM dependencies: dependencies Assist automated installation of GStreamer codecs provided by third-party repositories
  • Kernel Modes Setting for Graphics: Move graphic mode initialization from the X server's DDX drivers to the kernel
  • NetBeans IDE: Add the NetBeans IDE to Fedora
  • Online Accounts Service: Provides applications with credentials for user's online accounts listed on online.gnome.org or stored in GConf
  • Python NSS Bindings
  • Remote Virtual Install
  • RPM 4.6
  • Save to Bugzilla: Auto create bugzilla entry with anaconda tracebacks
  • Sbin Sanity: Add /usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin to the PATH
  • for normal users to simplify command-line administration tasks
  • Security Audit: A new security audit system and intrusion detection system
  • Sugar Desktop: Include the Sugar Desktop (used in OLPC) in Fedora
  • Virtual Storage: Make storage provisioning over libvirt connections (local and remote) virtual machines as simple as possible.

Compared with these two major distro of linux, ubuntu is more like a service pack to me than a new release (from:http://blogs.zdnet.com/hardware/?p=2788) . While Fedora pushes it's milestone release, which will be the shipped to next version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, to a new level, even though some features have existed in ubuntu or other distros, fedora got a huge improvement.

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