Monday, 5 May 2008

ID3 Tag problem with Rhythmbox:: Linux Music Player

Compared with famous Amarok, I prefer to Rhythmbox, which keeps Gnome features, such as, simple interface, plugins supports.

But when playing with music players between Windows and Linux, I found it seems two kinds of ID tags were used.

1) In Windows, I can modify the tags with Foobar2000 easily. But in Explore, some of the tags of some mp3 are not available. Does this mean there are two kinds of or versions of ID tag are used?

2.1) In Linux, this is more weird. From file property->Audio tab, we can get some tag info of this mp3 file, But sometime it's different from showing in Rhythmbox and Amarok. Does this also mean two kinds of or versions of ID tag are used? Similar bugs are reported such as

2.2) Some mp3's ID tag is not allowed to modify using Rhythmbox (but such mp3 files can be modified previously, this is quite weird, but after some operation, they becomes not allowed to modify). In this case, you can solve this problem by adding a mp3 file, which you can modify its ID tag, and those mp3 files you can not modify to a same playlist. Start from the file you can modify by right clicking->property to modify, then goto others, in this way, all ID tags can be modified. However all these modified information stored in another places, not in the file property ->Audio tab ( in Nautilus, not in Rhythmbox). So I do think there are two types or versions of mp3 ID tag are used.

Install Foobar2000 in wine. Add those weird mp3 files into foobar playlist, select them then righ click to TAGGING, here you can select what kind of ID TAG you want to use on those mp3 files.

Foobar in Wine just can change the typge of ID TAG, while not modify the content of ID TAG, which will be availabe to be modified after foobar processing.

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RQ said...

Try easytag (comes in 'easytag' or 'easytag-aac' package).

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