Thursday, 16 August 2007

sonicstage: non_unicode program sucks

For me, the sonicstage is absolutely a piece of junk.

1.v3.x doesn't support NW-S series.
2.v4.0 big bug about errors "selected music file cannot be played back sonicstage", which always happen when you restart sonicstage.
the Chinese Characters can not be shown properly in sonicstage, but on player, no problem. this is what I can stand for, and I have to, because Sonicstage can import *.m3u playlist files, so even in sonicstage can not recognize Chinese correctly, it doesn't matter.
3.v4.2 and 4.3, Chinese character can be shown correctly, but on Player, all are rubbish codes.
4. All the version can not import files including Chinese.

Conclusion, have to use Chinese Windows OS.

从这里找到一个完全可以替换sonicstage的软件:SWex.它是unicode的程序,所以可以任意文件名drag and drop;并且可以同时在软件和player里显示中文。

但是奇怪的是:mp3的tag,最好只用一个程序去修改,或者是Explorer或者是foobar,如果混用,结果就会使得mp3的size变大一些,这样的mp3 copy到player里就会使得音调改变。

而且,当传输完毕后,不要立刻plug off,看player上的显示,体质了accesss图示,再plug off,否则很容易出现no data的error on player。

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