Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The procedure of Zen-cart display home page

1) tpl_main_page.php

2) $body_code is defined in /includes/templates/template_default/common/main_template_vars.php
Here, firstly check whether it's overridden or not by the current template. If not (/not exist overridden main_template_vars.php, then load the default tpl_SOME_PAGE_default.php)
3) If overridden, in the zen-cart pages system, /includes/modules/pages/index/main_template_vars.php defines which tpl file should be loaded to display the home page.
  • tpl_index_categories.php // $category_depth=='nested' 有子分类
  • tpl_index_product_list.php // $category_depth=='products' || zen_check_url_get_terms() 列出所有
  • tpl_index_default.php // the default tpl_SOME_PAGE_default.php 主页默认内容

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