Monday, 16 March 2009

IE CSS: texts display incompletely

Some texts, huge ones, bigger than 20px, especially link (<a>), will not display completely in IE. Always missing the top part of the characters.

1) This just happens when the texts are embedded in 'table', while no problem with 'div'.

2) Not the problem of the height of 'tr'. No matter how you change it, it will not fix it.

3) The real reason is the 'line-height', which normally declared in 'body' part.

in the specific table, to use class or ID to select the table you want to modify, add 'line-height', make it 10%-15% bigger than that declared in body part.

This variable is just like the line space we always use in OFFICE WORD, normally I set it to 1.5, to make it look comfortable.

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