Tuesday, 10 March 2009

HOWTO: joomla template

What's in joomla template directory?

  • /css:(requied)  all kinds of css files.
  • /images:(requied) all the images will be used by the template.
  • /html: (optional) for component/module override. details: http://developer.joomla.org/tutorials/165-understanding-output-overrides-in-joomla.html

  • index.php(requied): template html+php file
  • index.html(requied): blank files
  • params.ini(requied): joomla need this file as writeable, to save configuration about his template.
  • template_thumbnail.png(requied): joomla need this file for preview
  • templateDetails.xml(requied): joomla need this file for template installation.
  • favicon.ico: (optional) favicon file.
  • component.php : (optional) for article printable layout, only display selected parts.

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