Friday, 6 February 2009

Joomla Issue: phoca gallery menu display issue in IE6

phocagallery has some display issue in ie6: the menu will be placed in wrong way from firefox and ie7, when mouse 'hover' on the menu.

1) in the view of categories list, under the page of gallery menu.
The corresponding css file is located in /components/com_phocagallery/assets/phocagallery.css
* Solution:
.phocagallery-box-file:hover, .phocagallery-box-file.hover {
border:1px solid #135cae;

modify 'border:1px' into 'border:0px';

2) In the view of every category:
From the 'header' part in the html codes, there are some embeded css codes, which are from the file, /administrator/components/com_phocagallery/helpers/phocagalleryrender.php
* Solution:

function renderCategoryCSS($font_color, $background_color, $border_color, $imageBgCSS, $border_color_hover, $background_color_hover, $ol_fg_color, $ol_bg_color, $ol_tf_color, $ol_cf_color, $margin_box, $padding_box, $opacity = 0.8) {
$opacityPer = (float)$opacity * 100;
$tag = "<style type=\"text/css\">\n"
." #phocagallery .name {color: $font_color ;}\n"
." .phocagallery-box-file {background: $background_color ; border:1px solid $border_color;margin: ".$margin_box."px;padding: ".$padding_box."px;}\n"
." .phocagallery-box-file-first { $imageBgCSS }\n"
." .phocagallery-box-file:hover, .phocagallery-box-file.hover {border:1px solid $border_color_hover ; background: $background_color_hover ;}\n"

modify 'border:1px' into 'border:0px';

Or in the template.css for ie, put such codes in:
#top .hover {
border: 0px;

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