Sunday, 24 February 2008

xming address setup


Reportedly easier to install than Cygwin-Xserver, although with Cygwin you get so many other useful *nix tools.

dieselnutjob: Xming only works with XP, server 2003 or Vista, Windows 2000 isn't supported.

Note that you can still get an old version of Xming that works with Windows 2000 ( See the Trouble page.

Xming will work with CoLinux with all of the Xming settings set
to default, except that in the Xming installation folder there is a
file called X0.hosts; the IP address of the CoLinux machine must be
added to this file.

Run the XLaunch windows application (comes with Xming) and follow all defaults options.

Now in CoLinux type for example

 export DISPLAY=
xterm &

where is the IP address of Windows and provided that you
have xterm installed. You can view the log of Xming to see the IP
address it is currently using.

You should now see an xterm window appear in Windows.

Adding the line

 export DISPLAY=

to /etc/profile makes the setting permanent, at least in Debian.

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