Tuesday, 5 February 2008

VMware command

For VMware server, a free version of VMware family. It can run as a server, on which most of the OS can run well.

1. Preconfigure is essential, especially, VMware server is updated, you should run [vmware-config.pl] to reconfigure it.
2. Using vmware-cmd, you must provide the full path.

Now here is how it works.
1. With SSH, user can connect to that server.
2. vmware-cmd /the/full/path/of/vmx getstate
vmware-cmd /the/full/path/of/vmx start
When you first time run this command with such option- start, it will prompt you with such an error:
VMControl error -16: Virtual machine requires user input to continue.
To solve it, run this command to input your option:
vmware-cmd /the/full/path/of/vmx answer

vmware-cmd /the/full/path/of/vmx stop

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