Friday, 7 September 2007

O2 setting up

delivery report
Compose "*0# " (star 0 hash space) before the content, then you will get report showing if your message has arrived successfully or not.

You can prepare a template using such letters, then when you need report, insert the template.

This method looks like a way to save the "tele environment". ha

Alert service
O2CallAlert is a simple easy to use alternative to Voicemail 901 giving you missed call information free of charge. If you're on another call, your mobile's switched off, you're out of coverage or you just don't get to it in time, Call Alert will tell you your caller's number and the last time they called so you can call them back.

If you miss a call, callers will hear a message telling them that their number will be sent to you via text message to let you know they called. If callers withhold their number you won't be sent a text and they'll be told to call again later.

If you miss more than one call, Call Alert will send you details of up to four callers with the date and time of their last call to your mobile.

How do I switch on Call Alert?

You can switch on O2CallAlert at any time by calling 1710 free from your mobile.

And if you want to switch if off, just call 1760 free.


o2 @ carephone warehouse

= 0800 0490049 Option 2, 2, 1 - O2 services

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