Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Simplest procedure to TRIPLE BOOT on Macbook

The must:

  • Only ONE partition for Linux; Only ONE partition for Windows. (to satisfy Windows)
  • Windows must locates at the last partition. (to satisfy Macbook)
  • Before installing, ensure the partitions are ready and good! (Disk Utility normally can not do this, or do half of this task. Because it will create several 'spare spaces' between each partitions made by it, these partitions always make the Windows installation fail due to more than 4 primary partitions existing. But Disk Utility can create one more partition from the original one whole partition, then split it using other ways, which includes 'diskutil' in Mac, 'gparted' from Linux Livecd or even the Windows installer during Windows setup). Any partitions modification will make Windows can not boot up even synced by rEfit.

  • - If Windows has been installed by Boot Camp. Try to change boot.ini in my windows partition (disk util create a new partition between mac and windows and messed up my boot.ini, the partition it tried to boot (third) is now linux Hd instead of windows (become 4th. This might be your problem. It gave me BSoD right after splash screen)

So the procedure:

  2. sync mbr/gpt using rEfit. (maybe can be ignored)
  3. Install Winxp on the 4th (last) partition.
  4. sync mbr/gpt using rEfit.(maybe can be ignored)
  5. Install Linux.

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