Friday, 24 April 2009

HOWTO: firefox cannot save username & password on

If it just happens on that site try clearing the hotmail cookies. Select Tools > Options > Privacy - In the Cookies section click "Show Cookies..." to access the option for removing cookies.

If you can not use the "remember me" option on other sites as well, a likely cause is the file that stores cookies is corrupt. To test this close Firefox, go to your profile folder and rename cookies.sqlite to cookies.tmp
Restart Firefox, log into those sites and then see if it remembers the logins.

Also make sure that cookies are being accepted and not being deleted when Firefox closes. Go to Tools > Options > Privacy, on that dialog you can make sure that cookies are being accepted, then in the private data section make sure that Firefox is not set to delete cookies when Firefox closes. Also click on the Exceptions button in the cookies section to make sure cookies from those sites are not being blocked.

Next check any internet security software to make sure it is not blocking or deleting cookies. Some internet security software has privacy options that can block or delete cookies.

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